ID: E-6
Technical name: Company
Associated entities: none
Contained entities: Account, Currency Area, Loan, Partner Link, Property, Share, Sub Company
Contained fields: Capital Called, Capital Committed, Capital Flow M1, Capital Flow M2, Capital Flow M3, Capital Flow Q2, Capital Flow Q3, Capital Flow Q4, Currency, Debt, Deposit, Distribution Share, Distribution Total, Extension Map, Gross Value, Holding in Real Estate Companies, Isin, Label, Legalform, Liabilities, Liquidity, Liquidity Other, Loi Count M1, Loi Count M2, Loi Count M3, Loi Count Q2, Loi Count Q3, Loi Count Q4, Loi Value M1, Loi Value M2, Loi Value M3, Loi Value Q2, Loi Value Q3, Loi Value Q4, Minimum Condition for Counterparty, NAV, Net Capital Movement, Number of Investors, Number of Shares, Number of Shares - Capital Movement, Number of Shares - Distribution, Other Assets, Provisions, Ratio Debt Floating, Real Estate, Receivables From Real Estate Companies (Shareholder debts), Reintermediation - Not Recallable, Reintermediation - Recallable, Share Value, Share of Biggest Investor in the Fund, Shareholder Loan, Signing Count M1, Signing Count M2, Signing Count M3, Signing Count Q2, Signing Count Q3, Signing Count Q4, Signing Value M1, Signing Value M2, Signing Value M3, Signing Value Q2, Signing Value Q3, Signing Value Q4, Target Debt Ratio, Ter, Transaction M1, Transaction M2, Transaction M3, Transaction Q2, Transaction Q3, Transaction Q4, Valid from, Valid to, Ø FX Forward Term, Ø Fixed Interest Period, Ø Hedge Ratio, Ø Interest Rate of Debts
Guideline version: 2
Belongs to Subsets: 5.1-Ongoing operational reporting (CORE)
5.2-Ongoing accounting reporting (CORE)
5.3-Ongoing financial accounting reporting (CORE)
5.6-Provision of basic valuation data (CORE)
5.7-Valuation report (CORE)
5.8-Fund reporting (CORE)
Data Field Catalogue