Probability of default of the tenant in percent - if a band width is available, the lower limit has to be entered; if there is no bandwith, data should be entered in data field PD_MIN only

ID: F-216
Technical name: probabilityOfDefaultdMin
Functional description: Tenant's probability of default in % - for a range, the lower limit (minimum probability of default) must be specified here; if there is no range, the value must be specified below min only. (this refers to the probability of default, only in %)
Datatype: Percentage0To100
Name (XML): probabilityOfDefaultdMin
Datatype (XML): Percentage0To100
Name (JSON): probabilityOfDefaultdMin
Datatype (JSON): String
Datatype (CSV): String
Associated entity: Partner
Guideline version: 2
Belongs to Subsets: none
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