ID: E-4
Technical name: Building
Associated entity: Property
Contained entity: Unit
Contained fields: Address, Airconditioning, Architectual Validation from, Architectural Validation to, Asset Classification (Accounting), Balcony, Barrier Free, CO2- Emission of last energy rating, City, Class Listed Monument, Condition, Construction Date, Country, Courtage, Cubature, Date of Purchase, District, Econommic Date Of Construction, Effective Area Building, Elevator, Energy Source, Extension Map, Floor, Floor Location, Floorload, Generally Rented, Gross Sales Price, Guest Toilet, High Voltage, Housenumber, Interior Quality, Label, Label of Adress, Lan Cables, Last Energy Rating, Last Refurbishment Date, Latitude, Longitude, Main Usage Type, Number Of Canteen, Number Of Floors, Number Of Parking Spaces, Number Of Rooms, Number of Bath Rooms, Number of Bed Rooms, Owner Occupation, Ownership Share, Property Manager, Publish Adress Data, Ramp, Region, Risk Segment, Secondary Usage Type, Status of Modernization, Street, Valid from, Valid to, ZIP, category of last energy rating, date of last energy rating, energy Consumption of last energy rating, energy Efficiency Class of last energy rating, primary Energy Demand of last energy rating, reason of last energy rating, type of last energy rating
Guideline version: 2
Belongs to Subsets: 5.1-Ongoing operational reporting (CORE)
5.2-Ongoing accounting reporting (CORE)
5.3-Ongoing financial accounting reporting (CORE)
5.6-Provision of basic valuation data (CORE)
5.7-Valuation report (CORE)
5.8-Fund reporting (CORE)
Data Field Catalogue