ID: E-16
Technical name: Term
Associated entities: Lease, Unit Leased
Contained entities: none
Contained fields: Absolute Step Up Rent, Adjustment Type Deposit, Amount of Payment (Total), Base Index Value, Base Year Index Series, Break Option, Condition Amount, Condition Type, Contract Options, Country of the Index Series, Currency, Date Contract Conclusion, Date Next Rent Adjustment, Date first Index Adjustment, Date last Rent Adjustment, Deposit, Deposit Amount, Deposit Status, Deposit Type, Dunning Level, End of Contract, Extension Map, Free From, Heating Costs, Heating Costs in Service Charges, Income Loss, Index Adjustment Direction, Index Modification Type, Indexation Method of Minimum Change, Indexation Pass-Through, Indexation Row, Interior Quality, Label, Leased Area, Leased Units, Minimum Index Change Percent, Minimum Index Change Points, Occupancy Till End of the Year Current Occupancy), Option Rate, Parking Space Costs, Rent Adjustment Delay, Rent Adjustment Frequence, Rent Increase, Rent Increase Type, Termination Duration, Termination Receipt Date, Termination Status, Turnover Certificate Required, Turnover Minimum, Turnover Rent Cap, Turnover Rent Specific Retail Sortiment, Turnover Reporting Interval, Turnover Type (Turnover Rent), Usetype Contract, Vacancy Period, Valid from, Valid to
Guideline version: 2
Belongs to Subsets: 5.1-Ongoing operational reporting (CORE)
5.2-Ongoing accounting reporting (CORE)
5.3-Ongoing financial accounting reporting (CORE)
5.6-Provision of basic valuation data (CORE)
5.7-Valuation report (CORE)
5.8-Fund reporting (CORE)
Data Field Catalogue