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Name Associated entities ID
Name: Account TypeAssociated entity: AccountID: F-1
Name: Accounting StandardAssociated entities: Account, Book Entry, RecordID: F-2
Name: Account AmountAssociated entity: AccountID: F-3
Name: Value AccumAssociated entity: AccountID: F-4
Name: Bundesbank FlagAssociated entity: Book EntryID: F-6
Name: BookingdateAssociated entities: Book Entry, RecordID: F-7
Name: Gross ValueAssociated entities: Book Entry, RecordID: F-8
Name: Net ValueAssociated entities: Book Entry, RecordID: F-9
Name: Supplying CountryAssociated entity: Book EntryID: F-10
Name: Tax FlagAssociated entity: Book EntryID: F-11
Name: Record TextAssociated entities: Book Entry, RecordID: F-12
Name: Transaction TypeAssociated entities: Book Entry, PropertyID: F-13
Name: Value Concern CurrencyAssociated entity: Book EntryID: F-14
Name: Value Domestic CurrencyAssociated entity: Book EntryID: F-15
Name: VatAssociated entities: Book Entry, RecordID: F-16
Name: Vat ValueAssociated entities: Book Entry, RecordID: F-17
Name: Architectual Validation fromAssociated entities: Building, PropertyID: F-19
Name: Architectural Validation toAssociated entities: Building, PropertyID: F-20
Name: ConditionAssociated entities: Building, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-24
Name: Construction DateAssociated entities: Building, Property, ValuationID: F-25
Name: CubatureAssociated entity: BuildingID: F-27
Name: Last Refurbishment DateAssociated entities: Building, Property, UnitID: F-36
Name: Status of ModernizationAssociated entities: Building, Property, UnitID: F-37
Name: Class Listed MonumentAssociated entities: Building, Land, PropertyID: F-38
Name: Number Of FloorsAssociated entities: Building, ValuationID: F-42
Name: Number Of Parking SpacesAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, UnitID: F-43
Name: Number Of RoomsAssociated entities: Building, Property, UnitID: F-44
Name: Ownership ShareAssociated entities: Building, Property, ValuationID: F-46
Name: Property ManagerAssociated entities: Building, Land, LeaseID: F-47
Name: Date of PurchaseAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, ValuationID: F-48
Name: Effective Area BuildingAssociated entity: BuildingID: F-53
Name: AddressAssociated entities: Building, Land, Partner, Project, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-56
Name: CurrencyAssociated entities: Company, Property, Term, ValuationID: F-74
Name: Plot AreaAssociated entities: Land, Property, ValuationID: F-142
Name: Gross Purchase PriceAssociated entities: Land, PropertyID: F-143
Name: Accepted Termination DateAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-149
Name: Bad DebtAssociated entities: Lease, PropertyID: F-150
Name: Begin Rent PaymentAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-151
Name: Break OptionAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-152
Name: Collective Contract IDAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-153
Name: Date Contract ConclusionAssociated entities: Lease, Service Contract, TermID: F-154
Name: Renewal PeriodAssociated entities: Lease, Service ContractID: F-155
Name: Debtor NameAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-156
Name: Deptor IDAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-157
Name: DepositAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-158
Name: Deposit AmountAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-159
Name: Adjustment Type DepositAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-160
Name: Deposit StatusAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-161
Name: Deposit TypeAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-162
Name: End of ContractAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-163
Name: Dunning IndicatorAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-164
Name: Dunning LevelAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-165
Name: Lease Begin DateAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-168
Name: Double/Triple Net Rental AgreementAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-169
Name: Lease End DateAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-170
Name: Minimum Rental PeriodAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-174
Name: Nationality Contractual PartyAssociated entities: Lease, PartnerID: F-175
Name: Balance Tenant AccountAssociated entities: Lease, PropertyID: F-176
Name: Operating Costs Pre-PaymentAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-177
Name: Operating Costs BalancedAssociated entities: Lease, PropertyID: F-178
Name: OptionAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-179
Name: Amount of Payment (Total)Associated entities: Lease, TermID: F-181
Name: Payment PatternAssociated entities: Lease, UnitID: F-182
Name: Periods Turnover RentsAssociated entity: LeaseID: F-183
Name: SectorAssociated entities: Lease, PartnerID: F-185
Name: Termination DurationAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-188
Name: Termination Receipt DateAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-189
Name: Turnover Type (Turnover Rent)Associated entities: Lease, TermID: F-190
Name: Turnover Certificate RequiredAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-191
Name: Turnover MinimumAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-192
Name: Turnover Rent CapAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-194
Name: Turnover Reporting IntervalAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-195
Name: Turnover Rent Specific Retail SortimentAssociated entities: Lease, TermID: F-196
Name: CompanyAssociated entity: PartnerID: F-208
Name: EmailAssociated entity: PartnerID: F-209
Name: FaxAssociated entity: PartnerID: F-210
Name: FirstnameAssociated entity: PartnerID: F-211
Name: MobileAssociated entity: PartnerID: F-213
Name: PhoneAssociated entity: PartnerID: F-214
Name: SurnameAssociated entity: PartnerID: F-217
Name: TitleAssociated entity: PartnerID: F-218
Name: Area Measurement TypeAssociated entity: PropertyID: F-242
Name: Asset ManagerAssociated entity: PropertyID: F-244
Name: Leased AreaAssociated entities: Property, TermID: F-326
Name: NoteAssociated entities: Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-338
Name: Operating Costs Without Vacancy Operating CostsAssociated entity: PropertyID: F-340
Name: Option RateAssociated entities: Property, TermID: F-341
Name: Portfolio NameAssociated entity: PropertyID: F-349
Name: Sub-Portfolio NameAssociated entity: PropertyID: F-350
Name: StatusAssociated entity: RecordID: F-400
Name: CategoryAssociated entity: RecordID: F-412
Name: Payment PeriodAssociated entity: RecordID: F-413
Name: Base Index ValueAssociated entity: TermID: F-427
Name: Condition AmountAssociated entity: TermID: F-428
Name: Condition TypeAssociated entity: TermID: F-429
Name: Absolute Step Up RentAssociated entity: TermID: F-430
Name: Dunning LevelAssociated entity: TermID: F-431
Name: Income LossAssociated entity: TermID: F-433
Name: Date first Index AdjustmentAssociated entity: TermID: F-434
Name: Index Adjustment DirectionAssociated entity: TermID: F-435
Name: Indexation Method of Minimum ChangeAssociated entity: TermID: F-436
Name: Base Year Index SeriesAssociated entity: TermID: F-437
Name: Country of the Index SeriesAssociated entity: TermID: F-438
Name: Minimum Index Change PercentAssociated entity: TermID: F-439
Name: Minimum Index Change PointsAssociated entity: TermID: F-440
Name: Index Modification TypeAssociated entity: TermID: F-441
Name: Indexation Pass-ThroughAssociated entity: TermID: F-442
Name: Indexation RowAssociated entity: TermID: F-443
Name: Date last Rent AdjustmentAssociated entity: TermID: F-444
Name: Date Next Rent AdjustmentAssociated entity: TermID: F-447
Name: Rent Adjustment DelayAssociated entity: TermID: F-448
Name: Rent Adjustment FrequenceAssociated entity: TermID: F-449
Name: Rent IncreaseAssociated entity: TermID: F-450
Name: Rent Increase TypeAssociated entity: TermID: F-451
Name: Usetype ContractAssociated entities: Term, UnitID: F-452
Name: End Price MaintenanceAssociated entity: UnitID: F-457
Name: Lettable AreaAssociated entity: UnitID: F-466
Name: Lettable UnitsAssociated entity: UnitID: F-467
Name: Local Reference RentAssociated entity: UnitID: F-468
Name: Type of Use CustomerAssociated entity: UnitID: F-473
Name: Vacancy ReasonAssociated entity: UnitID: F-475
Name: Valid fromAssociated entities: Building, Lease, Partner, Property, Sub Company, Term, UnitID: F-611
Name: Valid toAssociated entities: Account, Book Entry, Building, Company, Land, Lease, Loan, Property, Share, Sub Company, Term, Unit LeasedID: F-612
Name: LabelAssociated entities: Account, Book Entry, Building, Company, Land, Lease, Loan, Property, Share, TermID: F-613
Name: Floor LocationAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-615
Name: FloorAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-616
Name: HousenumberAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-617
Name: StreetAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-618
Name: DistrictAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-619
Name: ZIPAssociated entity: AddressID: F-620
Name: CityAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-621
Name: RegionAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-622
Name: CountryAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-623
Name: LatitudeAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-624
Name: LongitudeAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-625
Name: Publish Adress DataAssociated entities: Building, Land, Property, Unit, ValuationID: F-626
Name: HashAssociated entities: Partner, Partner Link, Record, Record LinkID: F-643
Name: RoleAssociated entity: Partner LinkID: F-644
Name: RankAssociated entity: Partner LinkID: F-645
Name: objectIdSenderAssociated entities: Account, Book Entry, Building, Company, Currency Area, Land, Lease, Loan, Partner, Project, Property, Record, Service Contract, Share, Sub Company, Term, UnitID: F-757
Name: objectIdReceiverAssociated entities: Account, Book Entry, Building, Company, Currency Area, Land, Lease, Loan, Partner, Project, Property, Record, Service Contract, Share, Sub Company, Term, UnitID: F-758
Name: IdentifierAssociated entities: Consumption, PeriodID: F-760
Name: FromAssociated entities: Consumption, PeriodID: F-761
Name: ToAssociated entities: Consumption, PeriodID: F-762
Name: Period TypeAssociated entities: Consumption, PeriodID: F-763
Name: Value TypeAssociated entities: Consumption, PeriodID: F-764
Name: Value Type NameAssociated entities: Consumption, PeriodID: F-765